STRATEGY: The key to cost-effective development and deployment is STRATEGY. The AKSENT PROCESS STRATEGY has been designed to provide an accountable, time efficient, cost saving environment that provides immediate savings in development and deployment of projects.


PATHWAY: Based on industry standards and experience in small to very large scale environments, the AKSENT PROCESS STRATEGY [APS] provides you with a clear 'PATHWAY' through the development cycle. Each step is defined and tracked and as a client, you know where you are at every moment.

NOT ROCKET SCIENCE: The APS is not Rocket Science, it's also not something that generates more paperwork than a Los Angeles yellow pages - process steps are added or removed based on the project complexity, what you get is timely, relevant and succinct information and knowledge. More importantly, what you get is 'done!'.

PLAN: Each component of the planning phase is treated separately and ensures total knowledge of the project scope 'prior' to development beginning. PLAN components can include:

Content Planning
Architecture [Site]
Architecture [Software]
Architecture [Hardware]
Architecture [Network]
Resources Allocation

DEVELOP: Based on one or more of the PLAN components, the next step in the AKSENT PROCESS STRATEGY is the actual development of the solution. Be it a small corporate site or a custom application, development begins with a clear picture of what's required. The actual development PROCESS is also defined and could include:

Specification documentation [required for more complex solutions]
Interface Design and Review
Applications Programming
Integration [Interface and Application]
Alpha Benchtests and Reviews [Post integration]
Beta Benchtests and Reviews [Pre deployment]
Gamma Benchtests and Reviews [Deployment version]

IMPLEMENT: Following a successful development phase the final step is to implement the solution. This step may involve one or more components based on the project complexity:

Application Port [from dev environment]
Delta Benchtests [Tests in final environment]
Content Upload [For CMS solutions]

MANAGE: Subject to your needs, ongoing management may be provided by AKSENT or by your own team. Again, ongoing management requirements and protocols can be defined as a part of the AKSENT PROCESS STRATEGY for our solution.


Based in Los Angeles California, AKSENT DIGITAL is a full service development company providing end-to-end planning, design, creative, production and hosting for internet solutions [website design and hosting], print, outdoor and broadcast.