Amazingly, getting on the internet continues to be a struggle for many companies. It shouldn't be. AKSENT experience dates back to 1994 - a time when there was an internet but no worldwide web!

In the past eight years we've covered almost every possible scenario in web development and deployment. Along the way our understanding of interface design, community building, commerce, applications development and legacy integration has been finely tuned to a point where what you need, need not be a struggle at all.

From content and systems planning and architecture to the 'virtualizing' of communications objectives and successful deployments, we can help make it smooth - nay enjoyable!.

For information on development and hosting, please contact us.

No matter what your needs, AKSENT can help get you online and operating. Specific requirements for your project may utilize one or more of these core AKSENT services:

Content Planning
Content Architecture
Development Planning
Project Management
Application Specifications Writing
Application Development
Interface and Site Design
Site Management
Hardware Specifications and Bidding
Colocation and Hosting

Passionate about design. That's how we describe our approach. It spans print and multimedia to internet, environmental and outdoor. Our work has been featured nationally and internationally in media ranging from CNN to vertical trade publications, it's even been the subject of course-work at UCLA. We'd like to get passionate about your next project too.

Often confused for design, CREATIVE is the essence in the ink. It's the message, the idea, the hope and the heart all rolled into something that can be recognized through design and communications. Good creative is just an ad - Great creative transmits a state of mind. What's on your mind?

We help free your message across all forms of communication from your company. Whether in print or outdoor, on the internet or in broadcast, we work to deliver the message with one consistent voice that effectively delivers the essence of the brand.


Based in Los Angeles California, AKSENT DIGITAL is a full service development company providing end-to-end planning, design, creative, production and hosting for internet solutions [website design and hosting], print, outdoor and broadcast.